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Web Design

Make an impression with a uniquely designed site that keeps them coming back. We take into account navigation, scalability, and overall intuitiveness when conceiving a site. It's more than the latest bells & whistles; visitors want ease of use and we incorporate this seamlessly into a visually appealing design. All our code is done by hand, tested across browsers and platforms and streamlined for fast loading and maintenance. We'll do it right the first time.

Web Hosting

Okay, you have a site, but are you getting the best hosting you deserve? We offer flexible packages designed for your maximum benefit. Pay for what you need and receive fast and friendly support for it. We offer a variety of hosting services that include database support, scripting, ftp and telnet access, secure socket layer support and more. We'll put your company on the web.


Need some legacy code tweaked? Have a bad script on your site and need it fixed? Have a concept for your site but not the means to bring it to life? We have experience designing interactive services using Perl, PHP, and MySQL solutions. All our code is done in-house, extensively tested and programmed with expandability in mind. We'll grow with you.
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